For Food Businesses

Important Registration and Licensing Links

Ask our business coaches at NEON or the kitchen manager at Appetite for Change for advice as you start this process, but here are some links to get informed about the state and city requirements for food business.

1. Cottage Foods Registration

For those with non-hazardous products wishing to sell as sole proprietors, start here. It’s a great way to start and organically build your business, with an extremely low startup cost.

2. MN Department of Economic Development

You’re ready to start your registered food business, but you don’t have the non-food side of the business taken care of – the legal, accounting, and insurance part. Do this before you apply for a food license.

3. City of Minneapolis Licensing

If you’re selling ready-to-eat products or potentially hazardous goods at markets, events, in a food truck or restaurant, and more, your business might need a license from the City of Minneapolis.

4. Minnesota Department of Health

All food businesses will need contact with the department of Health to secure your Certified Food Manager license, but some businesses (food trucks and restaurants) may require a MDH inspection.

5. Minnesota Department of Agriculture

If you’re located in the metro and have a product that needs to be bottled or packaged and sold, you might need a license from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.