Kitchen Rental

Kitchen Amenities

Kindred Kitchen is a licensed, shared commercial kitchen facility specifically designed to meet stringent health, licensing and food safety standards. We have 6 reservable spaces located over two side-by-side studio kitchens and a food preparation room, all with high-quality commercial grade equipment available for rental.
24/7 access with personalized pin pad entry, building security with cameras, private parking
Online scheduling tool including invoicing and document management
Use of 6-burner ranges, stacked convection ovens, fryer, tilt skillet, 20 and 60 quart mixers, mechanical dishwasher, sinks, refrigerators, freezers, hot-hold ovens, meat slicer, prep counters, ice machine.
Products Provided: Dishwasher and triple sink sanitation chemicals, garbage liners, hand soap, bar towels, aprons, hair nets, gloves.
Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen storage space
Garbage, recycling, composting and grease pick-up, dumping grey water, electricity, water, gas

Pricing, Requirements and Terms

Kindred Kitchen accommodates and supports food entrepreneurs of all kinds, including caterers, wholesale manufacturers and food truck operators. Our pricing system is designed to be flexible and affordable.
Upfront fees to become a member consist of a refundable $300 security deposit, and a non-refundable $150 set-up fee
Recurring monthly fees are : $25 Administrative Fee, $75 Operations Fee, and $50 Mobile business fee (as applicable)
Then $16 per hour per space booked, with off-peak rate of $14/hr (between 6pm and 6am)
Account may be put on hold with 30 days notice if the business is not going to be active for one month or more; in which case only the Administrative Fee is charged during this period.
Storage fees are based on space used ($10 per linear foot of dry storage, $11 / linear foot of refrigerated storage, $12/ft for frozen storage)
Pop-up Event Cafe Rental for Kitchen Members and non-Kindred Kitchen members. Inquire about available dates, pop-up procedures, and affordable rates for your event.